The Secret Adventure Files Of a Dinosaur

The Secret Adventure Files Of a Dinosaur
i eat the city

Friday, December 24, 2010


visited nicholas owen today.
put some blue flowers on his grave.
merry christmas big brother.
stay safe up in heaven please.
I love you

Thursday, October 28, 2010


bree is amazing and adroable :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Its about being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.
It can be little things like a bad habit, or a big thing, or a dangerous thing, or a harmful thing, or many things.
Depending on the person is depending on what you consider big or small.
Some people have obsession as their addiction. They obsess and spend so much time manipulating and plotting over the perfect guy/girl, the perfect this, the perfect that, that they get addicted. They get addicted to being wanted and needed all the time.
They get addicted to the feelings and the emotions that they need it all the time. well they think they need it all the time. they either end up forgetting about it as the new latest addiction comes along, or they turn into psycho rapist weirdos who sneak into obsession's homes and sniff their underwear.
For example, take all the twilight and Justin Bieber fans. As soon as these addicts who are addicted to obsessions (or AWAATO's) get wind of a new "cool" thing that everyone else is interested in they become addicted. and then you get things like "Twihards" and "Bieber Fever" sufferer's.
I feel sorry for these AWAATO's.
I hate Obsessions.
I Dislike things that are mainstream.
I detest things that everyone else likes "just coz"
I completely depreciate people when i find a new song, or a new book, or a new movie, or a new look a month or three before everyone else does. and by that time its completely ruined by all the try hards going on and on and on about it that its not me anymore because its not mainstream.
I completely and utterly despise people who are obsessed & addicted to themselves and don't appreciate just how much they actually have.
If you have an addiction lets say to Drugs, or Alcohol or Gambling please go get help, because it effects every single person in your life, not just you.
If youre one of those people who are addicted to the spotlight, its all well and good that you have a talent and you know how to exploit that talent, but please leave it on the stage, dont bring it into someone elses life, it just causes you to be a drama queen, even though im sure every teenager is at one stage of their lives.
Thankyou for listening
xx. C

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tyler A.

Just your average teenager.
Year 9.
G class.
Blonde hair.
Loves footy.
Heaps of friends.
Really smart.
Wants to be a doctor.
Except there is a few things about Tyler, many people didnt know, until he broke his finger playing footy which triggered a disease called cardio Myopothy.
It essentially means, his heart got tired. And the heart, is the only muscle in the body that is purely designed to NEVER get tired.

Tyler, doesnt have a mum. Something else that everyone is supposed to have.
She died from Cardio Myopothy 6 years ago.
And after that, his dad left him.
Never to return.

Here is this bright and bubbly boy, portraying an "average" life.
When really... He doesnt have alot to be bright and bubbly about.
But that is what is so amazing about Tyler.
He has NEVER EVER EVER taken anything in his life for granted.
Like most of us do.

Even an organ, such as a heart.. we take it for granted.
If tyler hadn't broken his finger playing footy, he would probably still be playing now.

Cardio Myopothy is a strange disease. Its usually hieredatry, so when his mum died, he would have gotten tested, but this disease wont come up on any blood tests, or urine samples until it starts developing, and sometimes, like in his mums case..
Its too late.

In a sense, Tyler is lucky.
And we are all lucky to be in his life.
He's lucky because they caught it.

He was put in an induced coma, after they took out his heart, and put an electronic one in, just to see if his body would reject it.
And luckily, it accepted the electronic heart.
But still, those things only last about 8 months.
Because it will get tired.. and the more it works, the harder it works, the more the rest of the organs in the body depend on it, depend on it to filter and reoxygenate the blood.
and those organs would start dying, when the electronic heart couldnt keep up with a 15 year olds body.

Tyler Airly received a heart a few days ago.
He has a heart right now.
we love you Tyler. See you back at school next year :)
9G really miss you.


some people believe, that if you dont have a heart you dont have a soul.
Does love come from within the heart? Or the theoretical heart.
the : <3 or the : S2 or the: ♥

Some people dont have a "heart"
or a sould
or even a brain :)
tyler didnt have a heart.
But we loved him, and cared for him enough, that even those who believe that if you dont have a heart you cant love, he could love.
Thanks to us.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

youre breaking into my heart.

Youre chest is a cage
your eyes hold the key
where my heart is held captive
keep it safe, pretty please.
i give it to you
my own kind of heaven
i worry to much
about it being broken.

your arms are my sanctuary.
a place safe and warm
where bad things are batted away
by your love, forlorn.

although you leave
you have not abandoned me
but it does get harder
each and every time.
as soon as you leave my arms,
the tears emerge
and i cant bear it
it just gets worse
my heart breaks every time
trying to escape from me
so it can follow you home.
after you leave me
and the train toots its horn
and i slump to the ground
my heart being crushed
my rasping breath the only sound.
and yet i close my eyes
and i see your face
i hear your voice
my saving grace
you are my heaven
you are my hell
you are my sanctuary
come back to me please
stop breaking into my heart.
let them hold hands.

you know me better then i know myself.

And when i see you
I really see you upside down
But my brain knows better
It picks you up and turns you around
Turns you around, turns you around

If you feel discouraged
That there's a lack of color here
Please don't worry lover
It's really bursting at the seems
Absorbing everything
The spectrum's a to z

This fact not fiction
For the first time in years
And all the girls in every girlie magazine
Can't make me feel any less alone
I'm reaching for the phone

To call at 7:03 and on your machine I slur a plea for you to come home
But i know it's too late
I should have given you a reason to stay

This is fact not fiction
For the first time in years

i wanna kiss you in a photo booth

I love those times in summer when you meet someone new and amazing and exiting and you dont know when itll end, and if youll ever see them again.
the secret adventure files of a dinosaur's aummer adventures are pure epicness

I remember when the days were long
and the nights when the living room was on the lawn.
Constant quarreling the childish fits
and our clothes in a pile on the ottoman.
All the slander and double speak were only foolish attempts
to show you did not mean,
anything but the blatant proof was your lips touching mine in the photobooth.

And as the summers ending the cold air rush your hard heart away.
You were so condescending,
and this is all that's left
scraping paper to document.
I've packed a change of clothes and it's time to move on.

Cup your mouth to compress the sound,
skinny dipping with the kids from a nearby town.
And everything that I said was true
as the flashes blinded us in the photobooth.
Well I lost track when those words were said,
you took the wheel and you steered us into my bed,
and soon we woke and I walked you home
and it was pretty clear that is was hardly love.

And as the summers ending,
the cold air will rush your hard heart away.
You were so condescending,
and this is all that's left scraping paper to document.
I've packed a change of clothes and it's time to move on.

And as the summers ending,
the cold air will rush your hard heart away.
You were so condescending,
as the alcohol drained the days.
And as the summers ending,
the cold air will rush your hard heart away.
You were so condescending.
And this is all that's left,
The empty bottles spent cigarettes so pack a change of clothes
'cause its time to move on.